Get involved

We want you to join us to celebrate the high rainforest frontier and help protect the canopy through adventure! You can set up your own event and invite others or simply head out into the forest. No matter whether you’re a professional climber with the ability to sleep in the canopy or not, everyone can get involved. Sling your hammock, rig your tree-tent or build your den on the forest floor and share your event to inspire us all.

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The campouts

The Big Canopy Campout is a global event, comprising of, climbers, explorers, scientists, natural history film-makers and everyday people who love adventure, nature, climbing, trees or just a good old reason to escape the everyday hussle. There will be a number of main events on different continents, from the great Bornean rainforests to the mighty Amazon jungle we will come together to celebrate and save these precious ecosystems.

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